Derby Day looks for the sophisticated mama

So you’re going to Derby Day, but you’re not the kind of lady who is partial to larger than life millinery, and you prefer your looks to epitomise your personality- Chic and Considered. Derby day is the perfect day to showcase New Zealand designers, they scream cool, and our tendency to lean towards monochromatic looks in our everyday dress means there are a ton of options to choose from, no matter what your preference is.

The “I’m sexy, but I also don’t wana show too much skin”

Left: Inherent Slip Dress and Baseline Tunic by Taylor.
Right: Elle Dress by Harman Grubisa

The “I could leave here and go straight to a cocktail party”

Left: Mala Slip by Paris Georgia
Right: Lilah Dress by Paris Georgia

The “Casual cool, but still a little bit dressy”

Left: Broderie Dress from Sylvester.
Right: Viola Dress from Ingrid Starnes

The “I prefer pants” 

Left: Romeo Top and Orsino pants from Ingrid Starnes
Right: Relay Jumpsuit from Taylor Boutique

The Frill Seeker:

Left: You can spot me skirt and dreaming of you singlet by Maggie Marilyn.
Right: Ella Tiered Skirt by Harman Grubisa

Ellerslie’s Vodafone Derby Day is held at Ellerslie Racecourse on Saturday, March 2, where the theme is traditionally black and white.
Tickets available here.

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