The VC Polo Classic fashion lineup is my summer shopping list. Or is it?

While the Polo Season is still a little while away in New Zealand, good luck holding me back from sharing the outfits of last weekend’s Veuve Cliquot Polo Classic? Maybe it will get your creative juices flowing for the upcoming Christmas Party season, or give you a little bit of inspo to start planning your Urban Polo / NZ Polo Open outfit early so you can nail a shot at the best-dressed prize?

Let’s be honest I just like looking at pretty clothes and I reckon you do too. So let’s do it together 😀

p.s thanks to Veuve Cliquot for the vid on my FB.

Camila Coehlo in Sylvia Tcherassi
I’m not sure if I love this or not. One one hand I feel like the flower boobies look weird, and on the other hand, I feel like the polo is the perfect spot for this dress. Colour me undecided.

Camilla Belle in Novis
I really like this but feel as though it could be a bit more nipped in at the waist, maybe even belted? Regardless I love the neckline and I want to wear this myself. Tres cute.

KendallJenner- Philosophy di Lorenzo Serafini

Kendall Jenner in Philosophy di lorenzo serafini
I love this. I want this. I can’t find it anywhere in any lookbooks. Gimme.

Courtney Eaton in the Pretty Woman polka dot dress
Every year someone has to do a homage. Every year.

Kaley Cuoco in Fendi
It’s different, it suits her, I dig it.

Olivia Wilde in Alice & Olivia
A bit of a hem here wouldn’t go amiss, but I kinda love the blue. V Modern thank you very much (ps Olivia- I love you)


Aimee Song in a very pretty floral Zimmermann number.
V Pretty. Love the neck scarf. Love the Chanel. Is it too safe? Meh, who gives a f*ck.

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