Tour de Omg what am I doing- I tried to help Rob renovate a house in the middle of nowhere (God Bless the USA)

What do you think of when you hear the word Florida?
Endless beaches, vacation spots, retirees, and gators? Well, you are right, in a way.

Moving to Florida for 5 months to renovate houses with Rob was an experience that came with plenty of ups and downs, awesome mini breaks and episodes of me crying. Crying in half-finished bedrooms, on balconies, on ladders, and on roofs. Turns out I’m a crier. I honestly thought I was tough, I would be fine, and being away from all of my friends and familiarities wouldn’t be an issue for me at all. Lol. Turns out having a proper floor instead of a concrete slab is higher on my list of comforts than I thought.

Oak Hill, Florida is a small town near the seaside getaway spot of New Smyrna Beach. With a population of 2029 (Plus the two of us), it’s a “Blink and you’ll miss it” type, located right on US Highway 1, and sports the best fishing in the region, in the aptly named Mosquito lagoon.

Oak Hill, Florida
If I ever find this place I’ll let you know. Maybe Oak Hill has a hidden paradise somewhere?

And when I say aptly named- HOLY SH*T.
Did it rain yesterday? If yes, prepare for a swarm of mosquitos outside the door.
In fact, there’s a reason that NASA built Cape Canaveral and Merrit Island nature reserve (home of MANY a manatee!) on a site nearby to Oak Hill- there were so many mosquitos that no one in their right mind would live there.

The home that we had purchased was a solid concrete block 3 bedroom home, which was originally built as a warehouse for a honey manufacturer. I’m all for a bit of history, so I loved its story. Being in the same family since 1950-something, we were the first new owners after a foreclosure. The foreclosure meant that we had plenty of clearing out and cleaning to do- especially in the attic!

Next up: The first night and how I didn’t shower for 4 days! Stay tuned..


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