Way out of my depth: My first skincare review

Let me start by probably triggering a few beauty addicts out there: I HATE washing my face. I hate how the water runs down off my hands onto my sleeves. I hate how my hairline gets all wet and my bangs always catch splash back too. I hate how there’s a million products under the sun promising to smooth this, perfect that and banish the wrinkles (that I shouldn’t have anyway). I hate washing my face so much that the most my visage usually gets is a hose down in the shower (While I’m not wearing sleeves to mess up and my hair is conveniently out of the way!)

So when I was approached to review Arbonne’s RE9 Advanced® skincare collection, I had to have a think about it. Don’t get me wrong, I love a good review, but I was going to have to wash my face daily (or twice a day even??) and that seemed like a lot of work.

I sat on the idea for a few hours, and then decided to go for it. The RE9 Advanced® skincare range reformulation has been three years in the making and features botanically based  formulas that are vegan certified and cruelty free (Brownie points!). One of it’s main ingredients is Vitamin C, which I’ve heard has amazing benefits in skincare.

So now, as I write, I have embarked on my 14 day journey to trial and report back on Arbonne’s cult favourite skincare range.

The following will be in diary form until the end of my experiment, so please bear with me, and enjoy the ride.


Day one:
Morning: I forgot to wash my face this morning because all the products were in my car. A well considered start.
Evening: I was driving home from work and caught my reflection in my sun visor mirror. My first thought – “omg I haven’t had Botox in over 9 months- must make an appointment”. My second thought was how terrible I am with skincare, I can’t remember if I’ve ever had a proper skincare routine. I’m 31 now and it’s time to grow up.

I went home and washed my face with Arbonne advanced smoothing cleanser. I splashed water to wash the cleanser off as I didn’t have a facecloth. Water ran down my sleeves and all over my bangs as expected (Must make a note to get a headband and some face cloths). I followed the cleansing with the Advanced Regenerating Toner. I am a fan of the toner because it takes minimal effort and I am terribly lazy- just spray and pat. Next up was the RE9 Advanced® Intensive Renewal Serum. The serum glides on easily and makes me feel like I’m giving my skin a nice cool drink. I follow up with the RE9 Advanced® Night Repair Cream, which has a nice thick texture and feels almost comforting on my skin before bed. All in all, I wander off to bed feeling like a better person having actually done something for my skin.

Day two:
Morning: I was running late for work after my Pilates class, but I still managed a wash, tone, serum and apply my Advanced restorative cream (Which is SPF 20- one thing that I always insist on wearing, even when I am being totally useless with a skincare routine). I also gave the Age-Defying neck cream a try for the first time, which I am a serious fan of. I’ve always been told- “The neck and hands are the first place to show your age”- so I quickly moisturise my hands with the advanced firming body cream too.

Evening: I couldn’t be bothered getting my sleeves wet so I opted to just wash my face in the shower. So much easier. I washed on a luke warm temperature, and I have been told time and again not to wash it with the water temp of 1,000 suns like I usually do with the rest of my body. Follow up with RE9 Advanced® Intensive Renew serum, then the RE9 Advanced® Night Repair cream, and the RE9 Advanced® (Christ, anyone sick of reading me writing the full title of everything yet?) Corrective Eye cream too. Realised I forgot to use the toner, considered washing off the creams for about 1/10th of a second then just decided to remember tomorrow instead.

Day 3:
This probably sounds like a ridiculous question, but if I do the whole shebang the night before when I go to bed, do I have to get up in the morning and wash my face again before I put more lotions and potions on?
The face wash says morning and night, so I do as I’m told.
Oh, I also found a pink hair turban towel to keep my bangs out of my face and have resorted to washing my face in a bra because having wet sleeves is really getting on my nerves.

Days 4 & 5 (It’s the weekend)
Now that I’ve managed to discipline myself in to a regular routine of Arbonne Skincare products, it was time to plug in and charge the Arbonne Intelligence® Genius Ultra tool. It comes with a USB charger, so you can plug it into any USB port to get it up and running. Unsure of what to expect, I made sure I fully read the instructions first.

The Genius Ultra is a handy little device that helps you make the most out of the actie ingredients in Arbonne Products by emitting low-level ultra sound waves to help penetrate the product deeper into your skin, giving you the full benefits of the skincare. All you do is cleanse, apply whichever skincare product you want to absorb (I picked the intensive renewal serum) And press the silver part of the genius ultra onto your face , guiding it wherever you’ve applied the product.

When using the Genius Ultra, it feels like tiny vibrations, along with warmth on your skin. The tool comes with three heat settings, 32, 34 and 36 degrees, which you can choose depending on your preference and skin sensitivity. I went for 36 degrees because I really enjoy the warm feeling on my face. The best thing is, it only takes one minute too. The genius tool automatically switches off after this time.

Day 6
Remembered to wash my face both morning and evening. In the evening I wash my face in the shower so it doesn’t bother me so much that my elbows get wet.
Really getting the hang of using the RE9 Advanced® (®®®®®®) Retexturising serum in lotion, which is a double duty exfoliating lotion containing serum and has gentle exfoliating AHA’s that help slough away dry, flaky skin (of which I always seem to have on my legs). I feel like I’m paying my body the same attention as I am my face, which is a nice thought. I mean, why have a beautiful glowing face without your body doing the same, right? I wonder if I could use the Genius Ultra on my whole body?? Probably, but I think it might take a while..

Day 7
I finally got a facecloth! Well, I actually got two for swapsies in case one is in the wash. One week in and my elbows will no longer get wet, which is awesome because I’m really starting to feel my skin soften, and makeup is going on a lot easier, which is a bonus because I do that in the car due to the fact that I’m regularly late to get somewhere or other.


Day 8
Today I went for a facial and my girl (name retracted for anonymity) mentioned that my skin is looking really good. Thanks babe.
Remembered to wash face morning and night. Forgot the toner in the morning and forgot the serum in the evening because brain fart.

Day 9 -14
I just realised that if I keep writing a diary for every single day everyone is going to get bored and bail on me. So I thought I would do a summary of the rest of week two:

Did a really good job of remembering to continue washing, toning, seruming and moisturising my face with the Arbonne RE9 Advanced® suite of products. I have noticed that my skin looks healthier and more hydrated, and the lines around my eyes have reduced drastically (which is something that is of great concern as I get older!). My skin is significantly softer than before I started the program and foundation is much easier to apply.

Now, I know that there will be some of you out there thinking “Well that’s because you didn’t wash and moisturise your face regularly before” – which is where Katie comes in. I was secretly using her as my second tester to gather her opinion on the product for a more rounded review. Her conclusions are as follows:

“The texture and suppleness of my skin changed after the first use and just continued to improve each time; it feels fuller, firmer and healthier”.

So there you have it. Whether you are a complete novice when it comes to skincare, or you have tried everything under the sun, the Arbonne RE9 Advanced® range will help firm, retexturise and soften your skin for the better. I will be continuing to use these products twice per day as usual as I feel like I am only just beginning to reap the benefits that these products have to offer me.

Products in the Arbonne RE9 Range that I have been testing:


RE9 Advanced® Smoothing Facial Cleanser #811

RE9 Advanced® Regenerating Toner #812

RE9 Advanced® Intensive Renewal Serum #813
RE9 Advanced® Corrective Eye Cream #814

RE9 Advanced® Night Repair Cream #815 
RE9 Advanced® Restorative Cream SPF 15 #816

RE9 Advanced® Age-Defying Neck Cream #838
Arbonne Intelligence® Genius Ultra #3712

RE9 Advanced® Firming Body Cream #841 
RE9 Advanced® Retexturizing Serum in Lotion #8227 

RE9 Advanced® Collection 

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