Let’s talk about sets, Baby

I’m a huge fan of false eyelashes, in fact, I wouldn’t go to a race day without them. I was blessed with very hooded lids, meaning that when my eyes are open pretty much all you can see of my makeup are my lashes.

Unfortunately, I am innately lazy and the idea of having to apply false eyelashes every day would be considered a form of personal hell. I mean, I hardly have the motivation to take my makeup off at the end of the day to be honest.

I had always wanted to try lash extensions, as the idea of having full, luxurious lashes daily without having to even put them on myself sounded almost too good to be true. However, I was wary as they do come with a certain “stigma” of being bad for your lashes and high maintenance, whether that was Chinese whispers or not is something that I decided to find out for myself.

Photo 10-08-17, 11 03 18 AM
Pre Lashing!

Sydney lashes is located in Orakei, with plenty of parking out the front (Which instantly made it a winner in my eyes- the lazy in me is pleased), I wandered down the stairs and was greeted by Jayde and her gorgeous pink studio. Jayde went through the process of lash application with me while I tried out different types of extensions with their handy testers, aka “teeny lash wigs”. (Note to Jayde, I made that name up but feel free to use it!). It was explained that I would need to come in for a ‘relash’ after about three weeks, to fill in any gaps left by my lashes naturally falling out in their cycle and taking extensions with them.

Photo 10-08-17, 5 57 05 PM
Here we go!

I jumped onto my treatment bed (which had been warmed up with an electric blanket, bingo!) and Mito, my lash artist got to work. Somewhere between the application of the soothing eye patches and the actual lash application I must have had a quick nap, because before I knew it we were done and dusted. It’s safe to say my worries about application being painful were all for naught.

Photo 10-08-17, 6 00 57 PM
Pretty sure I’m asleep in this photo.

With my brand new set of lashes (and increased self confidence, move over Beyonce) I sat down for a quick chat with Jayde about some myths of lash extensions, and went over their recommended care.

  1. How do I ensure my lashes last?
    The first 24hrs is most important in terms of Lash Care.  Do not get lashes wet.  Avoid any hot steamy environments – showers, kitchens and Bikram yoga.  After this period you can resume normal activities, and a gentle daily brush is recommended to keep them in place. (Sydney lashes give you a little brush to keep your lashes tidy between visits)
  2. How often do I need to come in to have my lashes topped up?
    Our clients are either on a two or three weekly Relash schedule.  At this appointment we give the remaining lashes a quick touchup and infill the lashes that have dropped out due to the natural lash cycle. Your lashes are cleaned and any misbehaving lashes are removed.
  3. Should I get my lashes tinted before I have extensions applied?
    If you are fair, yes, as this reduces the contrast between your own lashes and the silk extensions we apply.
  4. Can I wear Mascara with my lash extensions?
    No.  Mascara and extensions don’t play nicely.
  5. Are there any other makeup tips I shoud know about?
    Any oil based beauty products should be avoided, as these can break down the glue holding your lashes in place.  Something we get asked frequently is “Can I still wear eyeliner?”  The answer to which is to avoid smudgey, crayon type liners and stick with a quick dry liquid liner.  Our therapists can advise you further on their product recommendations.
  6. What’s the difference between lash extensions and lashes that I apply at home?
    DIY kits are designed to provide lashes that last for a night, or at best a weekend. The glue can be harsh, and breakage of your natural lash can occur when removing these.
  7. Will the extensions damage my natural lashes?
    No, not if the lashes are applied correctly by a trained professional. A common misconception is that lash extensions cause your eyelashes to fall out, when in fact the natural lash cycle is 3-6 weeks, meaning you are losing lashes all the time, it just isn’t as obvious.
  8. Do I need to take occasional breaks from having lash extensions?
    Our therapists are trained to assess the condition of your natural lashes at each appointment, and will advise if they believe you would benefit from a course of Lash Recovery Serum, rather than a relash
  9. How can I extend the life of my lashes?
    If you can sleep on your back your lashes may last a little longer, and your dermatologist will thank you for it too!
Photo 11-08-17, 12 54 38 PM
All done!

Thank you to Sydney Lashes for the interview, and for the record I went through a Floridian Hurricane and sweltering heat shortly afterward and my extensions stuck with me the whole way through. Lash extensions mean that I don’t need to apply eye makeup for work anymore, as the lashes make me look made up any time of the day. I’m just about to go for my second relash and I couldn’t be happier with them!


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